July 28, 2021
Get More With Telenor Monthly Ultra Plus

Get More With Telenor Monthly Ultra Plus

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Get More With Telenor Monthly Ultra Plus. Now you can get up to 50 GB of Internet data for the whole month. All Telenor prepaid customers can now subscribe to this offer.

Get More With Telenor Monthly Ultra Plus

Enjoy Telenor Monthly Ultra Plus

This offer is available in My Telenor App and also in Easypaisa App. You can activate it from both of these apps. Telenor always offers cheap packages with more internet data. This offer is also cheap and has 50 GB of data. 

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Terms & Conditions

  1. This offers a required balance of 750 Rupees or you need to load Rs 900.
  2. Telenor monthly ultra plus gives 50 GB data.
  3. 25 GB out 0f 50 GB can be used between 1 AM to 11 AM.
  4. The other 25 GB can be used between the other day.
  5. No extra charges may apply after subscribing to this offer.


  1. Which Telenor users can activate this offer?
  2. All Telenor Prepaid customers can subscribe to this offer.
  3. From where we can subscribe to this offer?
  4. You can subscribe to this offer from the My Telenor app or Easypaisa app.


My Telenor App


I have described this offer and provide all information about its information. Now you can enjoy this offer the whole month without any data tension. 

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