July 25, 2021

Which Country Produces the Most Dates?

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Which Country Produces the Most Dates? Get the correct answer for the 5th question in my Telenor app quiz. Here I answered all questions of today correctly.

Telenor Answer 5: Which Country Produces the Most Dates?

Correct Answer For this question:

♥ Egypt♥

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I answered the above question correctly and now you can answer in my Telenor app of the 5th question. If you answered correctly then you can win up to 200 MBs. These questions are based on general knowledge and help us to gain knowledge. If you try these answers in the quiz then you must get your reward.


I answered the 5th question that is correct and practically applied in the quiz. If you want to get the next answer then you can go to the next question. If you want daily answers for my Telenor app quiz then keep visiting we are updating and posting every day for your help.


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